We provide full services on most of the projects we work on. This essentially means we coordinate all design, statutory approval, technical and tender aspects of the project prior to construction and then monitor the construction through to completion. Services are carried out in consecutive work stages.


Initial Consultation

When a potential client contacts us about a project, if the specifics of the project (scale, budget, timings, etc.) are appropriate, we generally arrange to meet the client to view the site and discuss needs, ideas and other relevant information. There is no charge for this consultation. If there is mutual interest in proceeding further, we then prepare a proposal of services and fees for the client’s approval. 


Preparation & Brief

We believe that a collaborative approach between architect and client is essential for a successful project. With a shared vision in mind, we develop the brief by listening to your needs and by supporting your decisions. We provide you with our expertise and unlock hidden potential presented by your project.

We would typically meet with you once or twice during this stage.



Concept Design

The concept design is progressed by translating our collective ideas into carefully considered design options. These options are presented to you through the use of drawings and three- dimensional studies. With your budget and aspirations in mind, the design evolves closely with you so that the best aspects of each option are carried through to the next work stage, Developed Design.

We would typically meet with you once or twice during this stage. 



Developed Design

We develop a more detailed and coherent design during this stage. In addition we either obtain an estimated construction cost from a trusted contractor, or you may engage the services of a quantity surveyor to prepare a cost plan, using the developed design drawings in both cases. We then present this information to you and discuss it with you.

If required, we prepare all relevant information for the submittal of a planning application to the local authority. At this point we also begin to organize the entire design team to begin work on the technical design.

We would typically meet with you twice during this stage.



Technical Design

We now develop the design to the level of information that will be required for tender / detailed costing and construction. We create drawings and schedules that fully illustrate and describe what the finished project will look like and how it will be built. Once again working closely with you, we finalise the selection of building materials, finishes and fittings so that these can all be specified in the tender information. This information enables construction costs to be obtained, usually through a tender process but sometimes by negotiation with a trusted contractor. When a cost has been agreed we prepare the building contract for signature by you and the selected contractor.

We would typically meet with you twice during this stage.




During the construction stage we visit site at regular intervals and review the progress and quality of the work onsite. We also monitor expenditure and review and take action on the contractor’s applications for payment. At the conclusion of this stage (known as ‘practical completion’) we make a final inspection and advise on any rectification work that is necessary by issuing a ‘snagging list’. We continue our close professional relationship with you throughout the construction stage by dealing with day-to-day site matters, and ensure that the project’s design intent is translated from drawn to built form.

We would typically meet with you on site three or four times during this stage.



Handover and Close Out

Once construction is complete there will be a period where you get to know how to use your new space. This is known as the ‘rectification period’, the length of which depends on the scope of the project and the type of building contract used. 


Additional Information



Fees for work stages 1 through 3 are usually billed on a time charge basis, and wherever possible we provide an estimate of billing for those stages in a written proposal of services and fees before commencing work. The total fees for stages 1 through 3 usually equate to approximately 40% of the total fees for a project. Fees for work stages 4 through 6 are usually billed on a lump sum basis. Our fees are based on the resources required to provide the services necessary for a successful project, and are not tied to the construction cost.

Billing Rates

Our current hourly rates for time-based services are as follows (excluding V.A.T.):

Senior Architects - £120 per hour

Architects - £80 per hour

Assistants - £55 per hour 

Time-based services are billed in 15 minute increments. Billing rates are reviewed annually and may be adjusted to account for inflation and other economic criteria.



Expenses such as printing, copying, postage, travel, couriers, etc. are charged at cost plus 10%. 



Disbursements made on behalf of clients (such as payment of planning application fees) are billed at cost plus 10%.

Other Consultants

Other consultants required for a project may include a structural engineer, a party wall surveyor, an approved inspector (to process the Building Control application) and a geotechnical investigator (to dig trial holes, test soil samples and carry out a drainage survey). Occasionally project specifics necessitate the appointment of other specialist consultants, particularly new-build projects and commercial refurbishment projects. All consultants are appointed directly by the client, and will write separately about their services and fees. We can suggest suitable firms for any necessary consultant roles at the appropriate time.



V.A.T. at the current rate is chargeable on all fees and expenses.


Partial Services

On projects where limited services are required (ie for the concept and developed design stages only, through to the submission of a planning application), we work on an hourly fee basis, at the rates indicated above. Wherever possible we provide an estimate of billing for the work stages required before commencing any services.